What’s up, Life Artists? I just finished my training and wanted to share with you what I’ve learned during my session today. First of all, I learned yet again that nothing in life comes easy, and I’m sure that you’ve learned this too by now, right?

Anyway, exercising makes me feel alive, but do you know what I get most out of training every single day? Of course, I get fitter and healthier, but I also get to witness and understand the power of my mind. Because no matter how long and how consistent I am with my training, I am still pushing myself to my limits, or at least I try.

But what happens the moment we try to reach our limits in any of the parts of our life we want to improve and pain and discomfort come up? Well, the voice inside your head starts screaming to stop. It tells you not to hurt yourself, it tells you to retreat, it tells you you can do it tomorrow. If this has happened to you too know that it’s not your fault. It’s your brain doing what it knows best and what it learned over the last 10000 years. He will want to protect you and take you away from pain and discomfort and look for instant pleasure.

As humans, we naturally don’t like pain… we don’t like suffering or discomfort. I am not a huge fan either, trust me. And when the pain while exercising goes through my body, and my mind starts screaming to stop, my first reaction is to give up, rest, and relax for a moment.

But what happens the moment we stop and relax? Well, there is no pain and no stress anymore, which usually sounds great at first. But what will we miss out on at that moment if we chose to get away from pain and indulge in pleasure all the time? What will happen is that we will miss out on strengthening ourselves, not only our bodies but our minds, our hearts, our strength, our inner fire. We are not going to strengthen anything in our lives if when every single time we get challenged, or something happens, or we lose control over the uncontrollable, or we come across another hurdle, or perhaps another rep, or another five, six seconds during a HIIT, we stop.

When we constantly avoid pain and discomfort, we will always fall that tiny little bit short from the breakthroughs, from getting a little bit stronger, a little wiser, or from creating the life of our dreams.

I enjoy training because it pushes me to learn to get comfortable enduring pain. And this is why I set one of my goals for 2021 to be in the best shape I have ever been. I will turn 52 years old this year and have been in quite good shape in the past, but this year I want to prove to myself that everything is possible.

There are no limits to what we can do and can achieve, but the limits we put on ourselves. There are no limits to who we can become, how much we can heal, how our bodies and health can be, or how much love, abundance, or happiness we can experience and how much we can allow ourselves to grow. We just need to get comfortable being uncomfortable and allow ourselves to endure a little pain.

There’s no time… There’s no age… There’s nothing… Only us trying to push through that extra rep, that extra five seconds, that extra one more try, that extra challenge. All we need to do is get out of our own way and welcome the pain because on the other side of pain is the life you’ve always dream about.

I hope this helps you to think of where in your life you might have to push that extra bit more to break through your next level of life, wealth, health, love, or happiness so you finally can start to live the life you’ve always dreamed of and the life you deserve. Remember that if others can do it so can you!

And when we have taken our lives to the next level? We’ll then hopefully, one day, we can inspire others to do the same.

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